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Today, I’m sending you a love note. No, not that kind. Rather, the kind that’s grateful for our connection, and hoping every person in your life is healthy, that you’re stocked up, and not too stressed over the pandemic. In my household, we’re striving for this, and have even resorted to counting our inventory of toilet paper (31 rolls, but not sure how long that’ll last with teens at home!)

Leaders say crisis creates opportunity. In my case, I’m finding gratitude for little moments – a family game night, chatting with far-away in-laws, and trying Zoom for everything from writers’ conferences (true!), a DJ dance party, and, in a bit of lovely serendipity, to join my Dublin writers’ group. I’m certainly grateful for the winding paths that brought us together. A special thank you to my friends Beth, Paula and Ann for your recent sign-up’s.

Before all this, I’d prepared an article to recommend podcast gold. I loved two particular episodes of “Confessions of a Marketer.” In them, the host interviews Wattpad’s head of brand partnerships on how they’ve engaged the elusive Gen Z audience with social causes, diversity and immersive storytelling. If you’re writing YA or seeking creative spark, check out the resources in this post:

In the midst of the craziness, I received some good news. An indie press with a big heart bought my book. We’re publishing my debut on October 1st. Right now, we’re brainstorming titles and collaborating on a creative brief. I’ll be sharing my marketing journey on my author page. I’d be honored if you’d like to follow me on FB:

As always, feel free to share this newsletter with your peeps. And if anyone gets desperate for t.p., hit me up for one of those 31 rolls.

Happy spring, happy Easter, happy Passover and happy writing,

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