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Carol’s signature workshops

Brand Land: What is Author Brand and Why Readers Care

Marketing doesn’t have to be daunting. In this insightful session, Carol will demystify what it means to have an author brand, how it’s much more than a logo and web presence, and why it’s foundationally important to do the thinking behind what you want to stand for. We’ll discuss how to apply archetypes to define your unique brand and the components of an author’s brand framework. We’ll also walk through some real-life examples to show the importance of consistency in visual branding. 

Design as Art: 5 Principles to “SPARC” Brilliant Cover Design

Book cover design is a powerful tool to break through the clutter and communicate meaning. Learn about principles of design from a marketing professional. Find out which design elements are most important to keep consistent and why, how to start from your design objectives, and practice assessing design within the right context.

 Carol will teach five truths to SPARC great design and share how to apply them to your books:

Truth One: Simplicity breaks through, so don’t stuff everything onto the cover. Focus!

Truth Two: Prioritize your communications hierarchy.
Truth Three: Assess designs against the brief, not personal taste.
Truth Four: Real-life…assess design in situ.
Truth Five: Consistency, consistency, consistency.

Carol’s insights on book cover design have been featured in Pen to Print, Creative Indie, DIYMFA, the Writescast podcast and more places.

Craft Marketing Plans like an Author-preneur

Marketing is the art and science of finding and connecting with your audience. In this hands-on session, Carol will demystify how professional marketers devise marketing plans. As with most success, it starts with setting quantifiable objectives. Carol will cover five principles, along with examples and how to apply them to your book launch:

  • Readers have options, so authors need to relentlessly pursue a near perfect product
  • Entrepreneurs recruit more promoters than detractors
  • Reach then convert
  • Plan early; then test, learn and adjust
  • Marketing is an act of creativity. Approach with an open mindset
Millennials: Apply Generational insights to your writing

Millennials are the largest generation in the US. Find out how they’re defined and insights that can help you write Millennial characters. This session is for you if you’ve ever wondered what events have shaped this cohort, how they’re affected by the weight of college debt, how they’re the most technologically-dependent and diverse generation, and how they’re still fighting the “me, me, me” stereotype. Come to this hands-on workshop to discover insights to help you write authentic characters from this important generation.

Marketing as Mindset: Discover your superpowers

To market your work, you need an author brand, visual identity and well-crafted marketing plans. After the hard work of writing a book, why do these marketing tasks seem daunting? Come to this workshop to learn from 20+ years of marketing and strategy experience. Find out why marketing isn’t manipulation. Overcome the most common marketing blockers using four simple mindset shifts. Join us to experience why one author said after Carol’s workshop: “You inspire me and fire me up every time. I can’t wait to market my book and my why!”

Persuasion, Presence and Planning: Help Readers Fall in Love with Your Books

With writers increasingly meeting readers at bookstores, book clubs, and events, there are more and more opportunities to interact in-person. As an author, have you ever wondered how to engage, what to say, and how to present your books?  
In this hands-on workshop, you’ll learn the 1-2-3 Reader Engagement Framework, the Three Tenets of Good Presence, and the components of the pre-event planning checklist.  You’ll walk away from this workshop with custom ideas for your own pitch and actionable insights to increase your effectiveness at bookstore signings and more! 

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